Kevin Scott HalL
A Quarter Inch From My Heart

Telling the riveting story of what what happened when the author took in a refugee from Hurricane Katrina as a roommate until he could "get back on his feet," A Quarter Inch from My Heart is a tale of complicated friendship, loss, and redemption.

In examining that time in his life and that relationship, Hall also delves into the tragic events of his own past, including his near-fatal brush with street crime in 1994. This book asks why people make the choices they make and how they overcome the wounds in their lives.

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A Quarter Inch from My Heart

Wednesday, October 8th, 7:00 PM

BGSQD, NYC's only LGBT Bookstore

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Q&A with award-winning writer/actor Ben Rimalower

  • [A Quarter Inch From My Heart]...gritty, sometimes horrifying, but also absolutely triumphant after all is said and done. Where Hall's genius for narrative lies, as he equally proved in his novel "Off the Charts!," is in his character depictions.
    Andrew Martin, Nitelife Exchange
  • Named a Distinguished Artist of 2014 by the Beaux Arts Society of New York
  • New York Boasts Kevin Scott Hall!
    New York Newsday
  • A get-down performance . . . an engaging fellow!
    Back Stage
  • This fellow sends you back out into New York with inspiration and dreams!...Mr. Hall has matured into somewhat of a matinee idol...a celebration of growth and maturity!
  • Hall is one spectacular example of the hidden vocal resources in town...Kevin Scott Hall's voice, one of an incredibly talented survivor, will find its way to a large audience soon.