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Some years ago, I participated in a panel discussion at the Metropolitan Room in New York City. After many years as a performer, I was now on stage as a member of the press, and the reason for the meeting was to introduce performers to the media so that we could give them ideas on what to do and what not to do to get a review or interview from the press. During the Q&A, a young man asked, “How many of you have ever performed on stage?” Out of eight, I was the only one to raise my hand.

I am the rare person in the business who has done it all. I performed in cabaret clubs for 18 years, and then became a nightclub journalist and reviewer for eight years. Now I am performing again.

Along the way, I have taught workshops since 1995, directed over 100 cabaret acts, recorded 2-1/2 albums (the Christmas one was an EP!), and became a published songwriter (ASCAP). Also, I worked for twelve years at the legendary piano bar, Rose’s Turn—not only as a singing bartender, but upstairs in the cabaret room, where I saw hundreds of shows over the years.

Heck, I even grew up in a piano bar! My father played piano and entertained neighbors in our living room for years. It’s in my blood.

I can’t think of anyone else in town who has covered all aspects of the cabaret art form —business, educational and performance.

Please check out my workshops—still the best deal in town for what you get: expert guidance, limited class size, and two shows in front of a live audience.

Cabaret Workshops

"Cabaret" means having a space to create whatever you want for an intimate stage, be it comedy, monologues, music (rock, folk, blues, or pop) or the more traditional styles associated with cabaret, jazz and theater songs.

It is my intention to make solo performers comfortable on stage by helping them to find their style, develop a rapport with the audience through both music and speech, and provide them with a glimpse of what putting an entire show together might involve.

That Singing Feeling

The original class, started in 1995, is designed for students who have some performance experience but need a nudge to get out there and perform solo, or for the professional who has been out of the business a while and is looking to get back in!

  • Small Class Size
  • Six 3-Hour Classes
  • 10-Minute Live Set
  • Two Showcases
$ 579

Putting It Together

For the advanced student who feels ready to put his or her own show together, this workshop puts more focus on individually-tailored material and arrangements, creating a theme and throughline, and more sophisticated patter.

  • 3 Students per Class
  • Six 2-Hour Classes
  • Live 20-Minute Set
  • Two Showcases
$ 679

Specialty Classes

Fantasize about singing with a band trio? Ready to independently produce a CD? Specialty classes are tailored to share in-depth knowledge on the topics you want to know!

  • Singing With A Band
  • Setting Up A Business
  • Marketing Your Talents
  • Getting Press Coverage
Costs Vary

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